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Like many other writers Maria has several book and short story projects bubbling away in her cauldron – this blog has, after all, been renamed to reflect the fact that storytelling is inevitable when people gather around blazing fires and hearths. Here’s hoping her cauldron contains something warming and stimulating for the senses!

Available to download at various outlets:


Linus & The Leprechauns is suitable for readers aged 8+

Watch out for the follow-up novel “Linus & The Blarney Stone”, soon to be published as an ebook.

Here are some of the online shops where Linus and his dog Snuffles are waiting to meet their readers:



 Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=A6CDDB105BAF2C5172D24DC3A5A47D56.prodny_store01-atgap03?ean=9783739616209

 Google Play:

Linus Brown and his merry band of leprechauns can also be found at the world’s largest virtual library :

 and at 24Symbols:

and at Page Foundry:

Just think, for a parent-pleasing price of $3.49 kids can go to bed with a big, big smile on their faces, and so could Mums and Dads, Grannies and Granddads – It’s perfect bedtime reading for all ages and especially pleasing to all those who appreciate farting jokes!

Equally suitable for dark winter nights around the fireplace but totally devoid of leprechauns:

Copyright Cover Illustration Maria Thermann

Willow the Vampire & the Sacred Grove welcomes you to rural Stinkforth-upon-Avon. A coming of age story with plenty of bite! Meet 11-year-old Willow and her friends. They save the world (a lot), when they’re not too busy eating muffins and doing away with a few villains! Suitable for readers aged 8+.

Also available at Google Play for $4.99:

and for at iTunes:


and Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=614204D3DF99A8A62337F6EDA6E377A6.prodny_store01-atgap08?ean=9783736822320

 and lots of other outlets.


Master of Foxhunt Book Cover with Title and Author NameFancy a slice of romantic Victorian ghost story at $0.99? My ebook “Master of the Foxhunt” is out! 

ISBN: 978-3-7396-3465-4

suitable for readers aged 12+

Maria Thermann’s novella is a traditional Victorian ghost story,  with a spoonful of romance thrown in for good measure. Set towards the end of the 19th century in the fictional county of Oxtailshire, the novella takes a humerous look at the genre and hopes to entertain, rather than scare readers. Furious about his son’s choice of wife and occupation, Sir Hubert Tulking, life-long enthusiastic hunter of foxes, decides to take drastic measures, when his son Allan returns to England to introduce his American actress wife to the county set. The brazen fortune seeker must die! Just one minor problem: Sir Hubert isn’t exactly in a position to wring the lady’s neck…for he himself died a year ago in a riding accident. How can a ghost exact vengeance? Sir Hubert leaves no stone – or ancient book – unturned to find an answer!

Still grieving over the death of his young wife, Roderick, Marquess of Tumbleweed, throws himself into his work and follows his passion: fox hunting. He runs a successful Hunt from his estate, but fails to engage on a personal level with anyone other than his childhood friend Sir Alan Tulking. Even lonelier after his friend departs for Broadway and the career of playwright, Roderick is delighted when Sir Allan announces his return, but horrified when he discovers a ghost is out to destroy his friend’s new-found happiness. Will Roderick be in time to save the new Lady Tulking from a gruesome death at the ghostly hands of Sir Hubert?

Matters are complicated even more, when Roderick finds himself pursued romantically by author Beatrice, who won’t stop at nothing to ensnare Roderick and promote her new novel at the same time. She’s one cunning little vixen and the Marquess of Tumbleweed had better watch out or the Master of the Foxhunt will become the prey.

Whatever happens, rest assured, the foxes will have the upper paw in the end – for those who call causing the suffering of animals “sport” deserve all they get!


Copyright Cover Illustration Sarah Chipperfield




Still work in progress but eagerly awaited by all: The House Detective! Ever wondered what to do when houses refuse to stay where their owners want them to be? You sent a house detective after it, of course. Enter Stevie and the mysterious Hamish Fensterlein, hot on the trail of a hideous Victorian mansion that has as many secrets as it has turrets.



Publishing one chapter at a time on

Publishing one chapter at a time on


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