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Maria Thermann is a bilingual freelance copywriter, editor and author. She writes mainly for children and YA. She loves to blog and is an avid reader of murder mystery novels. Sadly, she’s also an avid eater of blueberry muffins. Muffins and middle-aged hips, Maria has discovered, do not mix well.

Maria’s first children’s book series features the adventures of Willow the Vampire, who saves the world (a lot) in rural , and entirely fictional, Stinkforth-upon-Avon. Her best friend Darren, 11-going- on-12, is responsible for the colourful, if slightly wonky illustrations on Willow’s own blog. He’s also blamed for creating book covers Createspace doesn’t like. A full length novel, “Willow the Vampire & The Sacred Grove”, is available at Amazon Kindle, and various other outlets you’ll find on the “Books for Purchase” page on this site.

Looking for something to read that will make you smile and your kids giggle?

Try Maria’s new book, “Linus & the Leprechauns”, a flight of fancy that will take young readers down roads less well travelled…and straight into the arms of adventure. Naturally, there are plenty of farting jokes, more leprechauns than can be comfortably fitted into a pot of gold and villains who get what they deserve. What more could one possibly want from a splendid and very reasonably priced book at bedtime?

So watch out for new stuff coming up soon: such as  “Linus & The Blarney Stone”, where Linus and the leprechauns are getting into serious trouble on a camping trip to Ireland. Then there’s “The House Detective”, an adventure with run-away houses, time travel and a good dollop of magic that readers aged 8 – 12 might want to stick their bookworm noses into.

And then there’s also the Flippety Floppet, a small and very blue alien landing in the children’s book market early next year. Really plenty for young-at-heart readers to enjoy, so just keep stopping by once in a while to see what’s new. Oh, and Maria’s also working on “The Little Book of Halloween” and “The Little Book of Ghosts”, both to be published before the end of 2015.

Boring bio stuff: Maria was born in Germany a very long time ago, but has lived in the UK for more than 30 years. She currently resides in London. As a techno-phobe she’s still trying to get to grips with social media but apparently readers can Tweet at her and follow her blog via those handy little icons on her page. Maria is no longer on Facebook.

Samples of Maria Thermann’s creative writing and her book reviews can be found at:,, and at her, and author pages. Maria is also on


Maria Thermann is a bona fide Jukepop Serials Author

Maria Thermann is a bona fide Jukepop Serials Author