#HateBritain: You reap what you sow


typical street in Ukip-controlled seaside resort: yep it’s EMPTY of int’l tourists!

Goodbye worthless, faithless Brits, what a relief that you’re finally out of the EU!

Now we TRUE Europeans can get on with the task of creating a better world without Britain’s xenophobic, racist white trash hoping to destroy democracy all over the Continent. And guess what? Since 23rd June 2016 you’ve sown nothing but hate via your disgusting Prime Minister, a woman as ugly on the outside as she’s on the inside, and that bumbling “foot-n-mouth” foreign secretary, Boris Johnson. But when you sow nothing but hate, that’s exactly what you get back…or worse…we might just all IGNORE pathetic Little Britain and get on nicely without you, which is of course what you deserve, completely losing your place in Europe and the world. It should give you a much-needed jolt to catapult your heads out of the 19th century and firmly into the 21st.

I’m not the only EU citizen who will show you the red card and no longer do business with Britain. I shall start by  “unfriending” all Brits on social media. Sadly, Bookrix tell me they have no plans to allow us to choose sales territories by country for our ebooks, which means I’ll have to move them to a platform that does, if there’s one around. Still, it will be worth the effort. Don’t see why my books should entertain people in fascist countries and for some platform to make money out of that.

One thing we should thank That-May-Witch for: threatening the EU with non-payment of monies still owed and non-cooperation on security matters is a fabulous way of putting off new trading partners. Show them how unreliable you are and how untrustworthy, then other countries can make an informed decision and NOT trade with Little Britain. Well done, Westminster-rat-pack! I can just see future generations of Brits digging once more “for victory” as they’re converting Hyde Park, Regents Park and all the other public spaces into vegetable patches to feed the nation, when nobody wants to conduct trade with a hostile trading partner like the British government. Perhaps that will reduce obesity among the British population, eh, a spot of regular exercise thanks to public spirited gardening burns off plenty of fat?

Angela Merkel won a smile from me today, this saddest of days in modern European history: she knows that May Witch only too well and immediately said that outstanding bills must be settled first and all other matters over Britain’s exit arranged first, before any trade talks can begin. Well done, Angela! Clearly Theresa May thought that as soon as trade agreements had been signed with the EU (if any), Britain could then default on all promises made to EU citizens living in the UK.Thank you Angela for stopping that nasty idea in its tracks.

Please, Brussels, don’t be so trusting, don’t permit Brits to remain EU citizens after their country leaves in 2019! Why should they be part of such an august body for which so many people have worked so hard over the past 60 years? Even Brits who voted REMAIN don’t think EU citizens living in the UK should have any rights whatsoever, as a recent poll of 2,000 Brits showed. Therefore, no Brit deserves to remain an EU citizen, once Britain leaves the EU. Only those willing to give up their British passports and those willing to relocate for a new life within the EU should be entitled to EU membership benefits.

We 3 million EU migrants have been treated very badly indeed since last June and frankly, giving Brits who won’t be contributing anything in the future to the EU’s coffers an “honorary” membership is not only absurd, it would make me want to take up arms against those unworthy Brits (not guns, shooting’s far too polite, I’m thinking about the cruel business end of one of those plungers one uses for unblocking the toilet). Squelch…take that, swine-faced Brexiteers!

So recapping what happened the exact moment Prime Minister Unworthy Maybug spat on the seal of the envelope with the Article 50’s letter in it? I began to feel nothing but hate and contempt for Britain and 52% of her people, that’s what happened. After living here for more than three decades…you’ve made me want to spit on my adopted homeland and vomit in every passing person’s face, well, only really into pinkish-white faces with those Boris Johnson piggy eyes actually. Scottish and Northern Irish faces get off vomit-free:)

How to combat fascist Westminster from now on? Don’t travel here on holidays, don’t trade with Britain in any way, don’t send your kids here, they won’t be safe at language schools or universities, and most of all, don’t let Westminster’s government kid you about “global Britain is open for business”: both government and more than half of the British people have made it quite clear that foreigners are not welcome here, only our money is. And that includes foreigners from Britain’s commonwealth countries as well well as US citizens. You may be told by official sources, you’re welcome here, but the reality is very different indeed. Since Brexit every fascist with an anti-foreigner and racist agenda has been spouting out their hate messages in pubs, cafes, in the street, at KFC, at the libraries, on university campuses, on buses and on the tube. In some areas of Britain, hate crime’s gone up by 200%. So please don’t support Britain’s fascists by spending your hard-earned cash here on holidays or buying British goods/services or seeking employment here. This is no longer a place for decent people to come to.


PS: Don’t bother trolling me, all you useless Nigel Ferkelages out there, I’ve heard it all before since June 2016.