Disco Dancing on Mars?

heathersanimations.comBefore I get into today’s post, here’s the Amazon link for my children’s book “Linus & The Leprechauns”, now out for FREE at various ebook retailers – it makes a lovely stocking filler for the Festive Days for friends with child readers aged 8+


 But here’s the post about disco dancing on Mars: I went to see “The Martian” movie last night and really enjoyed it. How refreshing to see a hero who’s also a science nerd, a man who only blows things up accidentally, not on purpose (the latter could be called “Expendable-style”). The running joke throughout the film is that the poor man is stuck all alone on Mars with nothing but disco music, left behind by one of his colleagues, when they had to leave the planet in a hurry. It’s hilarious seeing the protagonist driving through stunning Martian landscapes with his hot-rodded Mars-mobile, singing along to Donna Summer!

The locations are truly on an epic scale, filmed in a desert where rock formations still look as if some meteor shower had just deposited them there. Here the total absence of buildings, plants, animals and people could be depressing, as the main character faces certain death through lack of water, starvation due to shortage of food reserves or perishing from any number of other horrible things, including running out of air and freezing to death over night. However, he somehow manages to keep his spirits up and help does arrive eventually. As he learns to negotiate a sort of truce with Martian elements and makes this utterly hostile world work for him, our world comes together for the first time on a global scale in a combined effort to bring the American astronaut home. The movie is based on the bestselling novel by Andy Weir and I can’t wait to read it now.

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