Feeling Romantic and Ready to Entwine?

heathersanimations.comThis morning I opened one of those mailshot emails from Inkitt and this is what it said:

“Today at 11am PST, we are launching a brand new Romance writing contest!

“Entwined”: http://inkitt.com/entwined We can’t wait to start reading early submissions. Who will be the first to submit? If you have friends who love to read or write romance, let them know by forwarding this message, or by retweeting this tweet: https://twitter.com/Inkitt/status/642346605291696128

Thank you so much for helping us spread the word! Looking forward to reading your submissions. Best of luck,

Ali Albazaz  Founder & CEO | Inkitt.com Kulturbrauerei (Haus 1, Aufgang D) Schönhauser Allee 36 • 10435 Berlin Mobile: +49 170 8647236

So get writing, soft-hearted WordPress authors, for Inkitt only ever give us a month to get things done…although kindly, they allow writers to upload at any length and stuff that has previously appeared elsewhere and wasn’t specifically written for the contest. Finding it hard to get started? Imagine it’s snowing outside and you’re snuggling up to your stud-muffin; he’s feeling sleepy, so why not tell him a bedtime story that will send him off to nod with some very lovely dreams about you and him, cuddling in front of a storytelling hearth, entwined with a glass of his favourite wine?

Remember though, whatever you enter, should conform EXACTLY to the competition rules, topic and submission guidelines or you’ll throw away your chance of winning. Good luck to all of WP’s romantic writer’s hearts out there!