Gripped by a strange Wanderlust

heathersanimations.comFor a while now I’ve been looking around for stress-free writing contests I might like to join and, by a lucky coincidence, I came across this one: when I was merely looking through my daily aboutme(dot)com views and compliments for my own page and Twitter follow requests. Having hooked up with Inkitt via Twitter and looked at this fairly new, Berlin-based website for writers, I liked what I saw and am now furiously writing a short story for their Fantasy contest, a competition closing at noon on 24th September.

I had two story ideas about the subject “Wanderlust” right away. this, by the way, is a German word, meaning being suddenly gripped by the desire to wander, to leave the familiar surroundings behind and explore new horizons. The story entries I’ve read so far on the site have been hit-and-miss with regard to the meaning of the title – I suspect the writers didn’t really know what Wanderlust means.

It’s an expression that probably stems from the century-old tradition of Germany’s apprentices making their way in the world and completing their apprenticeships to the level of “master craftsman” by seeking out new masters in their professions in other parts of the country – or other mini-kingdoms, since Germany hasn’t been a united country for all that long and used to comprise of many different kingdoms.

Artisan guilds were incredibly powerful and had widespread connections across many of these mini kingdoms and dukedoms. Crafts like being a carpenter, joiner, blacksmith, silversmith etc dressed up in their Guild’s unique outfits, complete with colourfully dressed hats, and take to the wide open roads in search of a new employer where they could complete their apprenticeships. You can still see them to this day, though not that often as one did, when I was a small child some 50 years ago. Wanderlust is what sent me to the UK all those years ago…and here I still am, although my itchy feet have taken me to all sorts of places in Britain over the decades.

If you can think of a suitable Fantasy genre story for the theme “Wanderlust”, why not enter in Inkitt’s friendly competition? There’s no entry fee and, alas, no cash prize, but readers on the site vote for your stuff and leave, hopefully constructive, comments. See you at Inkitt then, WP’s fabby fantasy authors!