Hehe, William Stadler is absolutely spot on with this – you’ll particularly notice this character stealing when reading authors who write series of books, such as murder mysteries, romances and crime novels. The inspector with the drink problem/pending divorce etc or the girl/boy with chip on her/his shoulder about their humble origins…and yes, only yesterday I answered those Goodreads author questions about “where does your inspiration come from”. Whatever you answer, dear WP friends, DON’T say “I pinched all my characters from other writers!”

Here’s William’s spot-on-advice:

William Stadler


We talked about plot stealing in the last post. Now, I’m going to increase my thievery. We can even steal characters. Wow, that’s hard to hear. For some reason there’s the writers’ hubris that we must birth everything from our literary wombs.

That’s insane. How many times in an interview has the question been asked: “So where did you get your inspiration?” I’ve heard all types of artists respond by saying, “I modeled this after that.”

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