Hidden Gems: Google+ Hashtags

And since we are on the subject of useful Google resources and Doris Heilmann, the expert on all things book marketing, here’s some hashtag advice from her for all you savvy writers out there:

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If you are a long-time reader of this blog you might have realized that I am a big fan of Google+ – or GooglePlus – however you want to write it.  And I am not the only fan of this Social Media site, more than a billion other people signed up and it won’t take long until Facebook is a thing of the past.  At least for professionals who realized how important their Google Search Engine ranking is.  Now let’s look at one of the most interesting features Google+ has to offer:


Do you know of any Social Media site that creates custom #hashtags for you? Well, Google+ does!
And they do even more: when starting to type a #hashtag, Google kicks in and offers in a drop-down menue with suggested hashtags starting with the letters you have typed so far. Isn’t that fantastic?
And the…

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