5 Tips for a Successful Google+ Presence

I have yet to get my head round all the different aspects of Google+ and, as I’m highly suspect of social media in general and Google in particular, I’m not sure that I want to sign over my writer’s soul to this potentially evil empire. Still, here are some very useful tips from Doris Heilmann at Savvy Writers of how writers can improve their Google presence:

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Your presence at Google+ means you are high-ranked from the very moment you post something on your Google+ timeline, your Google+ author and book pages, and certainly when you post on Google+ community pages, even when you re-post and comment on other Google+ posts.

Treat Your Google Plus Page Like a Micro Blog, and Post Valuable Content wrote Stephen Walsh at Entrepreneur.com
Don’t just comment and “Plus One” the content of others. Post your own engaging content.  Make sure you are updating your Google Plus page on a regular basis. The content needs to be exclusive, valuable, and compelling, both in terms of visuals and substance. Knowing that Google Plus posts are searchable, you should treat them like a micro blog (and a very powerful one at that). For your business page, you should keep the content strictly on topic, but you can use your personal profile to post content…

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