Stop evil Ivory Trade NOW

anatomy of an elephant; picture source Wikipedia, public domain

anatomy of an elephant; picture source Wikipedia, public domain

I’m sending this round in the hope that as many of you as possible will reblog this and sign the petition. It is an outrage that elephants and other critically endangeroured animals are slaughtered to make silly tourist trinkets and that Thailand, one of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to environmental issues and conservation, has been allowed to get away with it so long. I’m all for sanctions, because Thailand lives off tourism – and illegal logging, illegal ivory trade and a whole host of other unsavoury and illegal enterprises. I have copied this text from the campaign.

There are only hours before politicians go into a meeting to decide the future of yet another magnificent animal has come to a shocking end. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND PASS ON, SO THAT THIS SHOCKING TRADE CAN BE WIPED OUT AND THAILAND BE SENT A MESSAGE IT CANNOT IGNORE. Thank you with all my heart.

From Each day, 50 regal elephants are butchered just to make dinky ivory trinkets! The main culprit for this carnage is Thailand — the fastest growing market for unregulated ivory. And tomorrow the international body created to protect endangered species has a chance to sanction Thailand until it cracks down on the elephant killers. Experts fear Thai leaders are mounting a propaganda campaign to dodge penalties, but it just takes Europe and the US to ignore their noise and spearhead action to end the slaughter.

Let’s give key European delegates, and the US, the global call they need to tune out Thailand and bravely lead the world to save the elephants. A final decision could be made tomorrow, so we have no time to lose — sign the petition, then send a message to the UK Environment Minister:

20,000 African elephants are killed every year, and the number of ivory products on sale in Bangkok trebled in the last twelve months. Government representatives to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) have the responsibility to keep the world’s rarest plants and animals alive, and when sanctions were applied to Thailand twenty years ago, it forced the country to pass critical wildlife protection laws.

Thailand says it’s hard to distinguish legal ivory from Thai elephants from smuggled African ivory, and that it has adopted an action plan to stop the ivory trade. But 20 years of delays and a recent military coup tell a different story. If we reach out to the ministers who set the position, we can get the votes needed to prevent Thailand exporting items like aquarium fish and exotic flowers.

Right now CITES representatives are considering whether to sanction Thailand for its failure to stem the ivory trade. Let’s make a call directly to key delegates and the UK Environment Minister now to ensure they make the right decision. Add your voice, then share widely:

Last year, the Avaaz community helped force Thailand to agree to ban the domestic ivory trade. But Thailand’s new military government has done little to show it will fulfil this promise or restrict this bloody business. Let’s show the strength of our community by issuing an enormous call to protect the lives of one of the world’s most precious species.

With hope,

Alex, Danny, Alice, Nick, Lisa, Emma and the rest of the Avaaz team


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    • Thank you so much. There were several other campaigns out on the same topic of ivory trade but Avaaz seems to get the results,so that was the one I decided to put out here.

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