Your Books First and Maybe Only Impression

I tried to reblog this early this morning but somehow it didn’t work. What great advice and excellent FREE resources Savvy Writers & e-Books have given us here. Since I’m currently wrestling with the book cover for my first German language adult novel and short story collection, this blog post came in just at the right time! I shall follow it to the letter…in the prescribed type face, of course!

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Book-Cover First Impression: A great cover!

REMEMBER:  You never get a second chance for a first good impression!  Your books’ title and its appearance is the first, and perhaps only impression you make on a prospective reader.  A great image on your book cover will undoubtedly catch your reader’s imagination, wondering what lies beyond it. A fantastic opportunity to draw readers in.

Not that an appealing cover means automatically a great book, but a book that is accurately and even interestingly represented by its cover, is more likely to catch the eye of someone who is going to enjoy reading it.  Interesting covers are going to get more time on shelf-displays, online and off-line.  We are a visual culture; naturally that is going to influence our book-buying habits.
A stunning book cover is one of the best marketing tools for any writer!
Bali Rai wrote in one of his…

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