7 Errors To Avoid When Dealing With the Media

Promotion is the aspect of book publishing that I detest the most – if I could afford it, I’d hire somebody to impersonate me…somebody younger and way more interesting than boring old me. Still, it seems there’s no way around this wretched promotion business if one wants to seel books. Here’s excellent advice from a pro! Thanks to Savvy Writers & e-Books for making our life so much easier!

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You have written this fantastic thriller, perfectly edited, your book has a stunning cover and already received praise from reviewers.

Still your books’ sales are not what you envisioned when you started your author-publishing… I am talking here not only about author-published books, but also those who are published traditionally. In print your book has only a very small window of three months to make or break it in bookstores. After that, remaining copies will be returned to the publisher (the bookstore will not order it again, if it did not “make it”) and sold by your publisher for a very low price to mass markets (in the best case) or trashed.

To get the word out about the upcoming book launch, to receive positive articles in newspapers., magazine, book blogs, or to get interviews, writers should professionally deal with anyone who could tout their book – not…

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