Canopy climbing with centipedes

If you like to know about more about some of our closest relatives on this planet, this is the blog for you! Amazing pictures and I am so envious, for this is something I would have loved to do when I was young and fit enough to climb trees. This is for a great cause, so please, please reblog as much as possible to create more awareness for the plight of orang utans and other endangered species. Thank you.

The Biotrotter

Both the weather and time this morning was more humane then yesterday. I woke up at six, ate some rice and tofu for breakfast. Anna (my supervisor), Tono (Indonesian assistant) and I headed off to search for trees with nests possible to climb. It’s a science to know which tree’s you may climb and which you can’t. All trees with nests could possibly hold for a human, if they hold for an orangutan – but they are also of course more skilled distributing their weights on the tree. Trunk thickness is not all that matters, some species breaks more easily than others and to a large extent Anna (and I) rely on the local assistants’ knowledge on this matter.

Orangutan in the forest

In the footsteps of Anna, I avoided the worst mud-traps, letting me stay almost dry. Dry from water that will say. Sweat was pouring like rain instead. However everything was fine…

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