Get Sappho in 9 Fragments

strong woman weight lifterWe’ve had “Get Shorty” and “Get Carter” but now there’s something much better…Sappho in 9 Fragments, written by Jane Montgomery, directed by my dear new friend Jessica Ruano (who also produces yummy pan cakes) and performed by the energetic and rather athletic star of the show, Victoria Grove. Performing the ancient Greek poetess’ works once more to rapturous applause, Victoria and Jessica will re-stage their award-winning Saphho show for East London audiences.

Who the heck was Sappho? She was a poetry-writing chick in ancient Greece whose verses are still making feminists’ ears flap and men’s hearts flutter to this day.

Where, when??? I hear you gasp in awe…

Well, ladies and those wishing they were one, you’d better polish your stilet-toes and brush your hair until it’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, for the show begins on 7th May at the cosy railway arch venue of ARCH 1 Live Music in Cranberry Lane, London E16 4BJ, UK. The nearest tube is West Ham (Jubilee Line) or Star Lane (DLR). Sappho’s wise words will be dazzling audiences from 8pm onwards and the show will run until 9th May (although I understand from Jessica that audience members are not expected to stay in their seats for 3 whole days, unless you’re Victoria Grove and were chained to the stage).

I believe tickets are £10-£12 and can be purchased with the aid of Arch1.

original green willowFor those of you, who can’t wait to be dazzled, mesmerized and feminised, go to Sappho’s website to find out more.
Please don’t forget to Tweet your ecstatic reviews afterwards to @sappho9fragment, so they can feel that warm fuzzy afterglow which comes from pleasing an audience to within an inch of its life:)

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