This is one of the most informative blogs for all us comic, scifi, fantasy and magic nerds out there when it comes to big events like Comic-Con and Wonder-Con in the US. I truly wished I could attend this one, it looks fabulous!

Crazy 4 Comic Con


With a little less than 100 days left till the San Diego Comic-Con, WonderCon is a wonderful comic convention to experience- especially if you are new to this world. My first WonderCon was in 2010, which was the last year it made it’s appearance in San Fran. Often described as the ‘little brother’ of Comic-Con, WonderCon has quickly grown up in it’s new home of Anaheim. With 3-Day and Saturday badges selling out weeks ago, I got a feeling it won’t be too long till WonderCon gives big brother a run for his money. Overall, WonderCon has the size and scope of Comic-Con with less of the hassle. However, with about 50k in attendance, it wouldn’t hurt to take some extra steps to plan and prepare. Here’s a few things you should know.

1. Badges: Remember, badges will ONLY be sold online. Like I already mentioned, Friday and Sunday badges…

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