When Caretakers turn to Butchery

dolphinBefore booking your next holiday or city break please consider what kind of track record the country you’re travelling to has in caring for zoo animals.

Denmark is a small country, and tourism revenue is important to it, yet Copenhagen Zoo flies in the face of this simple fact and continues to butcher healthy zoo animals – the very animals they are supposed to care for. Instead of being caretakers and doing their best for conservation of endangered species, Copenhagen Zoo’s management has turned to butchery. As soon as tourist numbers to Copenhagen will drop drastically, I have no doubt that Copenhagen Zoo officials will suddenly develop remorse for what they have done and find a scapegoat to take the blame.

Not content with killing a healthy giraffe, they have now murdered two lions and their cubs. You can voice your protest via their official tourism websites, their embassy in London or the Danish Embassy based your own country and by signing the Care petition. The zoo has now euthanized a family of four healthy lions to make way for a new young male. Such a practice is unacceptable and is clearly down to total incompetence among the zoo’s management team.

Please go to http://www.care2.com and sign the petition if you care about the way zoos should be run and pass on the message on social media, too. I’ve already passed on the petition link via Twitter and sent protest emails to various official sites. If you care about animal welfare and conservation of endangered species, please sign the petition – this is important, for if Copenhagen Zoo is allowed to get away with it, other zoos will follow this practice to save money, not because it’s part of “conservation” programs. Zoo officials are happy to take our tourist dollar, in fact, they rely on it, so we must have a say in how our zoos are run and ensure they are run ethically and responsibly.

Would you want to take your kids to a zoo where instead of seeing a healthy happy animal in its enclosure you are suddenly faced with a bunch of butchers killing and ripping apart that very animal right in front of your children, as Copenhagen Zoo did with a healthy giraffe a couple of weeks ago? According to zoo officials this was deemed to be “educational”.

Some things may be educational, but the only thing a child would learn from this type of practice is that adults put in charge to look after vulnerable groups in our society cannot be trusted and that it is ok to kill animals for “demonstration” purposes and pleasure.