Pirate Henry Morgan’s Revenge kills my Laptop

alanson pirate with parrotYou can’t keep a good buccaneer down, no matter how dead he might be! Having apparently floated away in his coffin after the 1692 earthquake devastated Jamaica’s Port Royal, Sir Henry Morgan must have been a little bored with his ghostly existence, for he had one last filibuster atrocity up his sleeve:

Secreted between the pages of an otherwise innocent looking book, Sir Henry Morgan’s cutlass had reached out and severed the lead of my laptop recharger, no doubt sniggering as his blade sliced through the cables!

There I was, deeply engrossed in the brilliant “Empire of Blue Water: Sir Henry Morgan and the Pirates who Ruled the Caribbean Waves” by Stephan Taltry as part of my research into 17th century piracy, when suddenly my laptop went dead, having run out of “juice”. Since I had plugged the thing in, I couldn’t understand what had happened.

animflag jolly roger flagTested the socket, yep, it’s switched on and current’s flowing through it. Ran out to get a new fuse from the shop down the road…inserted new fuse into plug, nope, still no juice. Laptop remained dead as Blackbeard’s victims. Maria stayed cut off from her all her research and work, feeling her severed limbs ache with longing for more life, just as Long John Silver might have done, dreaming about his leg.

After some investigation I discovered the semi-severed lead that ran from the actual recharger-thingy to the laptop itself. Thinking about it I realised that the night before, thanks to yet another Welsh downpour, I had wrapped the book on Sir Henry and my recharger together in one plastic carrier bag to keep library book and recharger safe from rain water. During the hour or so that it took me to get home, Sir Henry’s pirate character clearly got the better of him and snip-snap-cat-o-nine-tails his cutlass chopped off my electricity supply. Was this a warning of more dire things to come or a statement on modern society’s dependency on technology? Henry Morgan and his pirates only needed a fair wind and a benevolent sea to get what they wanted, perhaps he felt that I should go back to basics instead of relying so much on modern devices?

But seriously, it seems the library, having covered the book sleeve in some extra strong plastic, had been a little too zealous in their efforts to protect their books from grime and chocolate fingers. When I removed the book from the carrier bag, I cut my finger on the sharp edge of the plastic cover. So maybe it was that old pirate playing a trick on me or it was the library book itself. Stephan Taltry reminding me to give his book a good “plug”?

upi3 pirate with eye patchEither way, it was unbelievably irritating and made me realise how dependant I am on modern technology.

One dead laptop and many apologies to clients later – all of whom were very good about waiting for their articles – I finally managed to find one of the multi-functional recharger thingies that fits practically all laptops known to pirates and web content creators.

Now that I can finally continue writing the next chapter of my own pirate adventure “Sweet Charity” (available free on jukepop.com), I’d better make sure Sir Henry gets a mention – he was probably ticked off that I hadn’t done so already…

Who says bookworms lead boring lives?


2 thoughts on “Pirate Henry Morgan’s Revenge kills my Laptop

  1. honestly I can no longer imagine a life without computer and cellphones- it will be really tough! We are truly dependent on electronic gadgets of various types- cant be helped.

    • It was a nightmare, especially as I had just landed a new client and had a deadline to adhere to. Walking into town without my laptop made me feel deprived and out of sorts. Aw, we are addicted to our gadgets, are we not?

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