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two big booksIf you love reading and rather like discovering new authors, there are some excellent sites out there allowing you to subscribe on a paid for or free basis. As a reader, you can enjoy millions of stories for free, armchair travel through the universe and have endless adventures. How pleasing and life-affirming is that?

stock-photo-2770328-jackpotNot so much for the hapless author who custom-made those adventures just for the reader. How is one ever to become a best-selling author, if readers don’t leave feedback?

If you hope to publish your own fiction some day, you’re not just looking for somebody to read your work, you want them to comment and vote on it, too. Unfortunately, in my experience the majority of people don’t bother to vote or endorse or comment on budding writers’ efforts. There’s an awful lot of virtual couch potatoes out there, who just consume but do not actually contribute anything. Consider yourself shamed, if not actually named.

An Embarrassment of Witches

Example: Willow the Vampire and Merlin Fan Fiction get a respectable couple of hundred readers within just a few days. How many votes do you get with that? If you’re lucky, you count them on one hand. Fine, if you think my writing’s not up to much after a couple of pages, don’t vote, move on and forget you’ve just wasted your time with me. But if you’re a reader who perseveres to the bitter end, namely the final page, why aren’t you showing your appreciation? Hey, the stats show me you got this far FOR FREE!

Please consider the musician, the one who’s just entertained you with their sweet lyrical tune, their cacophony of bloodshed, their melancholic fugue, their romantic opera. I take a bow, you clap your hands. Clap slow or fast, either way, this trade-off will please the author.

stock-photo-6452990-young-woman-blowing-bubbles-in-green-fieldIt can be rather frustrating not getting any reader feedback, especially when people are flocking to read your stuff. Are they doing it because they enjoy your style, your plots or is it raining cats and dogs and their telly’s broken down again? Authors are sensitive, self-doubting critters; occasionally, they do need a virtual pat on the back.

Try experimenting with a variety of platforms such as Wattpad, Scribd, Goodreads, Archiveofourown, Bookrix, Jukepopserials and fictionpress.

Scribd and Bookrix let you publish for free, but you can also sell through them. This is great, because you can test a few short stories for free, then move on to selling at $0.99 and then upload a book and sell at a fair price. Scribd provides excellent stats BTW. I have only just signed up to Bookrix, so it’s too early to tell, but will keep you posted. With the latter your work gets into ca. 60 different e-book stores and even into some libraries.

Available on Jukepopserials

Available on Jukepopserials

So dear bookworms out there, if you happen to come across this author’s work on any of the above, please be kind and leave a visible footprint in the sand.

Maria Thermann is a bona fide Jukepop Serials Author

Maria Thermann is a bona fide Jukepop Serials Author