Taking a Trip down Memory Lane

A Jukepop Author

A Jukepop Author

Read all about it! If you love murder mysteries served up in manageable bite-sized chunks, ever so slightly bloodied of course, try this:


Here’s the opening paragraph to whet your appetite:

“It took Mrs Aurora Arbuthnot’s bath tub just 30 seconds to cross Avenue Road and hurtle down the narrow lane everyone called Olive Grove, but which Ernie, the postman, insisted on calling Trinity Place. Before her bathwater could swallow her whole, Aurora cast a glance over her shoulder to the spot, where her house had graced the neighbourhood for the past 60 years but was now little more than a heap of rubble.”

So starts my first foray into writing for an adult audience – my murder mystery “Mrs Arbuthnot takes a Trip down Memory Lane” is set in war-torn 1940s Britain…so far so miserable, but wait, it gets better, for there is the delightful Inspector Beagle and his team of slightly eccentric sub-ordinates, not to mention police dog Monty, a basset hound with attitude and a lot more sense than his human colleagues. Expect lots of snow, German bombing raids, chopped off heads and plenty of black humour as Inspector Beagle races against time to unmask the killer’s identity before he – or she – can strike again. Problem is, the only witness is Mrs Arbuthnot, and sifting through her muddled brain is a Herculean task.

d2 detective with glassMy latest work has just been accepted for chapter by chapter publication on www.jukepopserials.com, a great site to publish your work and get paid a wee bit of money, too. Best of all, they have a proper editorial team in place, so your work gets a professional stamp of approval before readers start giving their verdict. It just adds credibility to an author – on sites like Goodreads or Wattpad you can also publish your fiction, but there’s nobody to give an editorial thumbs-up to your work. If you’re serious about becoming a self-published author, in my opinion, platforms like jukepop are a good start.

Happy reading, if you’re planning to join Aurora on her trip down memory lane!