Merlin Fan Fiction: Let the Questing begin (Part 13)

English: Actor Colin Morgan after the premiere...

English: Actor Colin Morgan after the premiere of film Island. Cineworld Glasgow Sunday 20th February 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At long last the continuation of my fan fiction story – just a short snippet this time, as I’ve been too busy with client work to do write more.

This weekend sees the long-awaited return of the BBC’s hit show Merlin and Twitter is alight with the new trailer and the fabulous photoshoot the four main characters did with a British magazine.

I hope the Merlin and fantasy fans among you will enjoy this latest instalment of my own story and no doubt we’ll be joining the Facebook and Twitter Merlin Returns party online, after the show has aired on Saturday.

The Honeymoon is over – Let the Questing begin! (Part 13)

Maria Thermann’s fan fiction “Merlin” (BBC series) sees the action set between seasons 4 and 5. This piece of fiction is written purely as a fun writing exercise and was not created with the intention of any commercial exploitation on my part.

The copyright for all BBC Merlin series characters & storylines remains with the BBC and Shine Ltd, the producers of the show.

Merlin series 4 premiere at BFI

Merlin series 4 premiere at BFI (Photo credit: Rev Stan)

The show stars Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (King Arthur), Angel Coulby (Guinevere), Richard Wilson (Gaius), Katie McGrath (Morgana), Rupert Young (Sir Leon), Eoin Macken (Gwaine), Tom Hopper (Sir Percival), Adetomiwa Edun (Sir Elyan), John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon Kilgharrah and Anthony Head as King Uther. Series 5 to be aired in the UK on 6th October 2012 at 7.45 pm. Latest BBC trailers and pictures are available at:

A bed chamber in Camelot…

The dawn rose in shades of amber, dusty pink and lavender over Camelot. A cold breeze entered the royal bed chamber, causing the red velvet curtains to stir. It blew a parchment off the central table and toyed with it for a moment, before returning to tug at the heavy curtains.

Gwen shivered and stooped to pick up the parchment. “By royal decree I, Queen Guinevere, in the absence of His Royal Majesty King Arthur Pendragon, as the regent and protector of Camelot…,” she sighed and returned the parchment to the table.

The Queen wrapped her woollen shawl tightly around her shoulders and closed the window to return to her princely four-poster bed…a bed that seemed far too large of late. She stretched out her legs, plumped up one of the pillows and rested her aching head. With a brief glance at the empty pillow next to her, she picked up Aurelius Smarticus’ book on dragons and re-read the passage Gaius had marked for her.

Today was the day of reckoning. Any moment now a messenger from King Leofwine’s camp would be riding up the ramparts and demand an audience with the Queen, the regent and protector of the citadel. Would she be handing over the dragon heart, the price for safe deliverance of Camelot and its people?

The Queen sighed and wiped away a tear that had stolen into the corner of her eye. How could she possibly protect the citadel from total destruction? Leofwine was a mad-man, obsessed and jealous, deaf to reason. She looked down on her work-worn hands and shook her head resignedly. How could a servant maid pit her wits against a king?

Unable to get back to sleep, Gwen rose, washed and dressed without rousing her maid. She sat down at her table and picked up the parchment again. All that was missing was her signature. If only she knew what Arthur would do in her shoes – would he sacrifice one living being for the greater good of Camelot?

Uncomfortable as the truth might be, she realised with a pang that the answer would be an unequivocal YES. Arthur would have no hesitation laying down his own life, let alone that of some troublesome magical creature, if it meant saving his people. Gwen took up the goose feather next to her and dipped it in ink. Wasn’t it her role to stop Arthur from making such decisions, if an alternative could be found? She watched the dark fluid drip off the sharp end of her goose feather, a droplet staining the parchment’s header. Gwen watched with morbid fascination as the dark liquid spread and the stain grew on the pale surface of the scroll…like blood seeping through a shirt, like a wound festering, like poison spreading through a hardened heart.

If only she could find another solution – but Aurelius’ book had left her in no doubt, this was the only way to save Camelot. Gwen took a deep breath and realised she had never felt so alone in her entire life, not even when her father Tom had been cruelly executed by Uther Pendragon for a crime he had not committed.

She raised the goose feather and signed her name on the parchment in the knowledge that Arthur would approve, but her own heart would never be quite the same again.

Gwen was called back to her surroundings by a commotion in the corridor outside her chamber. The door was torn open and one of the guards appeared.

“Beggin’ your pardon, my lady, King Leofwine himself is at the gate…with about half his army at his heels. What message, my lady?”

Gwen rose quietly, disregarding the parchment in front of her. “Tell him, we have located a dragon’s heart, but it will take another day to secure it. If he will grant us one more day, Arthur himself will hand him the heart King Leofwine so desires.”

The guard saluted and turned on the spot, marching out of his lady’s bedchamber as quickly as he had entered. Gwen sank back onto her wooden bench and turned over the parchment, unable to bear the sight of her own signature. Had she done the right thing? Playing for time was a dangerous business.

A moment later, she had her answer. Two fanfares sounded down below in the encampment. Shortly afterwards shouts and screams followed. Gwen rose reluctantly and returned to her window. She unfastened the clasp and opened the small lead-glass door into the world beyond. The lavender sky was streaked with glowing yellow now…glowing shooting stars coming straight at the citadel.

She swallowed hard and faced what she knew to be the result of her weakness and indecision. The encampment had sprung to life; torches were marching up towards the ramparts of the citadel, teams of oxen were pulling heavy equipment up the hill; archers had already gathered in formations to join the throng of crossbowmen and knights. The first burning arrows hit the outer ramparts. The second salve reached its target. A strangled scream rose up to the Queen’s window; she leant out to see a man collapse on the guard’s walkway below her lofty lookout. An arrow stuck out of his chest. She gasped in horror.


The spectacle of war unfolded under the lavender sky, where the first war machines were appearing on the horizon. Down below, at the edge of his encampment, King Leofwine rubbed his hands together, glee lighting up his face.

“How’s that for a taste of kingship, my lady Guinevere? I shall have my revenge and my honour shall be restored. Camelot’s fields will be drenched by her soldiers’ blood.” Laughing, Leofwine raised his arm and shook his fist towards Gwen’s window. “Once I have the dragon’s heart, nothing will stop me!”

Merlin (series 1)

Merlin (series 1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…/to be continued…

(source of photographs Wikipedia)

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  1. Swine – Leofwine, I mean not you Maria. Hurry up and get back to the action, dear heart, Make sure you give him what for. I will save a huge chunk of coffee cake for the next episode and will do lots of violent teeth grinding whilst I am eating it. Great post – yours in waitingness Mistress Loony.

    • Hehe, ever since I announded there’d be more merlin fan fiction to come this week, my stats have been showing more views for the previous installments! No doubt people re-reading the parts up to part 12 and new people twigging there was some “free magic” to be had.

      I adore the image of you munching coffee cake during a well-deserved rest, while reading Merlin fan fiction…especially since you’re not keen on the acutal TV program – why ever not, those boys are GORGEOUS!

        • The latest clip looks amazing, great production values, normally only seen in cinema movies. Can’t wait what they’ve come up with this time. The show’s gone from strength to strength after an initial shaky start (they started off aiming at children and their parents, which didn’t quite work, but now the show’s audience is more grown up, the plots are also and the whole thing’s darker).

          I truly wished the BBC would stop lavishing every penny they’ve got on promoting Dr Who – Merlin’s acting is far superior to anything on that show, as are the visual effects, story lines and production design. Since David Tennant’s and Russell T Grant’s departure the show has really gone down hill and lost its way. But even if people like it still, the disproportionate amount of air space via advertising and space in Radio Times is ridiculous, given there are so many other amazing BBC programmes that deserve more publicity.

          • I know exactly what you mean – Dr Who has gone downhill since Russell T and Tennant left. I think all this promotional stuff will go on till past Dr Who’s 50th birthday and of course ours even if we are a couple of years older. Will is reviewing Merlin for the Cult Den. I am going to confess something to you now about a BBC programme – you won’t believe this but I love Strictly. I bet that’s shocked you. I don’t watch any of the other reality programmes, in fact , I really don’t like them but I love Strictly.

          • I used to watch Strictly all the time, but when Arlene Philips was sacked in favour of that awful starlet-cum-singer what’s-her-face, I stopped watching out of protest.

            Do let me know when Will’s review comes out, I’d love to read it.

          • I also was annoyed when Arlene was sacked but felt that if I stopped watching it, I was cutting my nose off to spite my face as I would miss the show but it wouldn’t change anything. I know it probably sounds weak but at the time, I didn’t have many treats. Thingy has gone now and Darcey Bussel is the new female judge. Please start watching it again, I would love that. I will let you know when Will gets his review on.

          • If only I had the time – I like Darcey Bussel. There’s just been so much “cheating” with the celebs they choose – using people who already know how to dance because they’ve been in stage shows. It was more fun, when there were people who had never danced, never even dreamed of dancing and to whom this came as a real revelation. It was moving – now it’s just show and effect.

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