No Place like Home

So what actually happens to the three child protagonists in The First Intergalactic Dating Agency? Where do they come from and where are they headed?

In the first adventure the children find themselves at a birthday party held at the entirely fictitious Copernicus Space Centre in Wales. Leroy and Peter were both born in Cardiff, are living with their single fathers and have their work cut out keeping their dads on the straight and narrow. Molly is a foster child at the beginning of the adventure and is a fairly recent arrival to Wales. One of her parents originates from Germany, which is how the children end up time and space travelling to Schwäbisch Hall’s past.

In the first adventure they find themselves kidnapped by devious robots and transported in time and space some 50,000 years into the future. Where do they land? On Mars! The planet has by now been colonised by some not terribly friendly beings, who are happy to welcome Molly but not so keen on “mutants” Peter and Leroy.

Who is to blame for this calamity? The children’s hapless astronomer dads, who were trying to find new wives…or at least attract a female for a date, even if she’s from outer space and has got three heads…a date is a date, right?

Dating is a serious business – never understimate the power of advertising your charms…

Coloniazation of Mars

Coloniazation of Mars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the second adventure Peter, Leroy and Molly have stolen the time travelling space ship that resembles an upturned teacup and are plunged headlong into a treasure hunt through the ages. Why are they going through all the trouble? Well, there’s the little matter of men being extinct, Earth being no longer inhabitable and Molly’s dad having gone missing a couple of years before the adventure starts. What happened to him is one of the mysteries the kids must solve. Dating the parts of the puzzle they find correctly will help them to unravel the mystery and help them to get back home…to Wales…to Cardiff and those they love.

For Molly, Leroy and Peter it’s quite a change of scenery travelling from Cardiff in Wales to Mars – and 50,000 years into the future at that. How has mankind evolved? Are robots running the universe and if so, can Peter and his dad still buy fish and chips on Fridays? Are girls really from Mars and are boys really…Raspberts…whatever that might be?

Copied from Image:MarsTransitionV.jpg: "....

Copied from Image:MarsTransitionV.jpg: “…” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who think history is boring and is only ever happening to other people, think again. We are all part of history – where we come from matters as much as where we’re headed to. If we don’t understand our origins, how can we understand the reason for our journey?

Some people think nothing ever happens in their lives, it’s dull and humdrum every day…always expect the unexpected…because one day you might be blowing out the candles on your 11th birthday cake and suddenly you’ll find yourself in a time travelling spaceship with a talking gorilla at the helm!


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