Vampires – Willow’s In the Limelight again

A  new look and a new story for!

Willow Band

Willow Band, eleven-year-old vampire child, is looking forward to the Christmas lights being switched on, when Willow’s dad get’s an invite from their illustrious Great Uncle Dracullus to do a gig at London’s hottest new venue , the Beating Pulse Club. Vampire dad Dylan cannot afford to turn down such a lucrative deal, so he takes his wife Alice and daughter Willow to meet the aristocratic old blood-sucker.

Willow discovers that her uncle’s table manners leave a lot to be desired and learns that mulled blood-wine gives you more than just a headache, while a very human Darren impersonates a knight in shining armour with moderate success.

Willow's house

In the Limelight is dedicated to humans and vampires alike. Some of you may be grinding their fangs when they remember last year’s Christmas party at the Last Bite Hotel. Is it that time of year already?

A Night out at the Beating Pulse Club