Happy New Year World!

Having finished two Willow the Vampire short stories, completed part four of Giles Gimingham’s first adventure and designed my first two websites, http://willow-the-vampire-com and http://mopple.co.uk , I managed to miss most of the tinsel and turkey festivities. Now I can start to relax for a while and go for a walk in the snow.

It seems such a very long time ago, since I stayed at a dear friends house, trying to recover from chemo therapy. How did I get through a whole year?

My hair has grown back and my left arm has recovered from the chemo injections. I was “neutered” by the kind people in a Welsh hospital, who chopped off one of my boobs to save my life. I had been reconciled to the idea of my early death – now I am faced with a future…

To all the many people who helped me through the most awful year of my life: I shall dedicate all my future stories to you. And to all those who are still awaiting the surgeon’s verdict or who are being told they have breast cancer at this very moment: don’t give up!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year World!

  1. Hi!
    I just received your email as I must still be on your mailing list, do you remember me? We met on the creative writing class a few years ago – then on the train from Barry.

    Reading your blog tells me that quite a bit has happened between then and now. So sorry to hear that you have had to endure chemotherapy…cant imagine what that must feel like.

    Congratulations though on your writing achievements! Ill subscribe and take time to view your work soon.. Im a bit busy, I just had twins.

    Apologies if this comment is not appropriate for here – delete if you need to.

    Annie x

    • Hi Annie!

      So glad to hear from you – many congratulations on the birth of your twins! Thank you so much for taking time out to reply to my blog. Although your children are a bit young to hear my stories, I hope that in time there will be things on this site (it is only a few days old) which will be of interest to young and older readers alike. Check out the amazing http://www.europeoftales.net site, if you love stories and cartoons!

      I’m in Germany at the moment, in the snowy and very cold mountains of Baden Württemberg…brrr. It seems an age since we all sat in the Cardiff writing class, reading our work to each other. It was the very first time I had ever read my scribblings to anyone…and look where I ended up! Once the writing bug bites you, there’s no stopping. Hope to hear more from you and do send in short bits of writing, if you like.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

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